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OneSource® Solution For Your Beverage Alcohol Business

Fintech, in association with Gallagher, now offers a revolutionary way to purchase Liquor Liability. Pay As You Purchase Liquor Liability allows you to improve your cash flow and budget more effectively.

A trusted partner of Fintech, Gallagher knows how hard you work to control your costs and to keep your business running smoothly. For more than 92 years, Gallagher has served businesses just like yours – helping more than 40,000 locations nationwide – to go beyond traditional insurance and strengthen programs through collaborative solutions and industry insight.

Fintech Liquor Liability MEMBERS

Pay As You Purchase Liquor Liability
Shortened application
Use your Fintech purchase data to determine your exact premium each month
Pay your premium as it directly correlates to your Fintech data for that month
EFT used for premium payments
No Audit
Retain maximum cash flow and ease of doing business

Benefits of the Fintech Liquor Liability Insurance Program

Better Coverage at Better Premiums | Superior Customer Service
Streamlined Dedicated Claims Support & Claims Advocacy
Coverage Specialized for the Service Industry

DISCLOSURE: In the course of providing you with a competitive proposal for dram shop coverage, it is necessary for us to acquire information each month about the quantities of your purchases of beer, of wine, and of spirits. By continuing, you acknowledge that we can obtain this information from third parties with knowledge of these purchases.